About Us

Our Mission

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The mission of The Wilmington Parking Authority (WPA) is to provide sufficient public parking facilities and related policies which promote the well-being of the City. Our efforts in this mission are dedicated to the following constituents:

To our patrons, we will provide safe, clean, convenient, efficiently run facilities with excellent customer service while maintaining reasonable costs of operation and rates for parking.

To our employees, we will provide a safe and pleasant work environment together with training, fair compensation, and an opportunity to advance according to their abilities.

To our bondholders, we will operate in a financially sound and prudent manner and meet all debt and other legally imposed requirements in order to protect their interests.

To our community, we will be a responsible public agency, pursuing and coordinating policies with other agencies to make the city a better place to live, work, and play.

What is the Wilmington Parking Authority?

The Wilmington Parking Authority (WPA) was formed in 1951 to provide off-street parking for the public good. Since its founding, the Authority has developed a number of garages and parking lots throughout downtown Wilmington. At present, the WPA operates six garages and two lots which are open to the public and are available for both monthly and short-term parking. The locations of these facilities and their hours of operation are detailed elsewhere on this website.

General Responsibilities

The WPA is guided by a five-member Board of Directors. The Executive Director and staff members are responsible for carrying out the policies of the Board, as well as the management, administration, and operation of parking facilities. Among the many functions performed by the WPA are the collection and auditing of all parking revenues, maintenance of the parking facilities, and analysis of parking data and trends in the downtown Wilmington area. The WPA also provides technical assistance when requested.

Financial Responsibilities

The WPA operates as a financially self-sufficient organization, meaning that its expenses must be covered entirely from revenues obtained as user fees. All of the WPA’s activities must be assessed according to how they contribute to or detract from the Authority’s ability to cover its operating costs, maintain its facilities, set aside funds for capital improvements, and participate in new developments providing public parking for the public good. The Authority receives no financial support from City or State governments. The WPA may issue tax-exempt bonds, borrow funds, and engage in public/private joint ventures. Its bonds are typically guaranteed by the City, so the WPA’s ability to cover its costs is also important to the City.

Relationship to the City

The WPA is an agency of the State of Delaware. Its Board of Directors is appointed by the Mayor of the City of Wilmington. The WPA cooperates with the City of Wilmington on issues relating to off-street parking. The WPA participates with the City in economic development projects that require off-street parking facilities where such facilities are necessary to meet the needs of the parking public and can be constructed and operated feasibly. In addition, the WPA confers with City and State departments and agencies to assist in ensuring that the best possible level of public parking service is provided to persons living, working, shopping, and visiting in Wilmington.